A small but meta introduction

As you will see very shortly, this is the blog of a semi-fictional character.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Not sure how much I’ll blog, when, on what subjects, etc.  Then why do this?

1) The Typist (more about that later) has another blog that she has been threatening to move from MovableType to WordPress.  This seemed like an excellent chance to play around and see whether the migration would be worth it.

2) Magdalena Kamenev is not quite The Typist, having only been vaguely conceived as a given name while back as a possible SCA persona — the Typist never joined the SCA, and so the persona languished until curiosity about Second Life overcame here. Voila, Magdalena came forth.  A largely made-up creature, but embued with similar personality traits and emotional responses as The Typist.  Nevertheless, RL has its place, as does SL.  To promise the two will never meet is great folly, but let us not get the two confused.

3) To wit, this blog is about Magdalena K. and her minor joys and follies in Second Life.  RL will intrude, but should not take over — there are other avenues for such things.  Things will change (the title, for one) and this may fail, but let’s look on the bright side: one more silly blog cluttering up the Internet.  Huzzah!


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