So steamy, it’s practically hot

It took a while, once I figured out what was going on in-world, to join in with Caledon.  But one of the things that tease my brain in that certain special way (no, not that other special way, thank you) is the steampunk genre.  Doesn’t matter that the things one does with steampunk (i.e. make cool, retro looking stuff, be it clothes, jewelry or semi-heavy machinery, or write fiction/non-fiction about people living the steampunk aesthetic) is completely beyond my brainpower and skill-set in and off the grid … it’s all about the DIY and the clockwork and the pretty.  Kilts are just a bonus.

So, how can I ignore the first con devoted to Steampunk in the Bay Area, if not California?  No, it’s impossible … cannot be done.  So, no Magz in SL and typist out playing among the cool kids with all sorts of leather and corsets and shinys.  And the point of this post, my dear friends, is to point you towards pix of the shinys, whether animate or inert.

And lo, the typist met member of Abney Park and Phil Foglio w/ family and there was much commiseration over the lack of airship travel.  *weeps*  OTOH, got to talk with AP and PF … tomorrow is the VanderMeers and Jake Von Slatt and AP concert and perhaps meeting with the typists of other Caledonians.  In a word: woot.


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