The Red Shoes

There’s all sorts of semi-violent metaphors for getting work done at the last minute — push comes to shove, hunkering down, in crunch time, nose to the grindstone.  Ouch.  T’is the typist’s life for as she deals with RL obligations.

However, tonight will be a guilt-free break from that.  In-world, it is a weekend of music and dancing.  Last night, I attended both le discotheque in Steelhead Boomtown (Tensai Hilsa and Eladrienne Laval made the most fetching 70s-era tinies one could imagine, although I fear Tanarian Davies’ Tiny disco nun never rezzed for me, alas).  I’m not so much about the 70s music, but it was all in good fun.  However, I had to dash off to a wedding of a vampire and his beloved.

My friend Joss and his dear mortal Mysty tied the knot in-world and I provided classical and jazz to celebrate the knotting.  It was sweet, heart-warming and a bit deranged.  In his vows, the groom referred to his partner as “more than just an attractively packaged beverage dispenser” (or was it container?  Hmmm …).  In her vows, she promised to be, among other things, his “willing juicebox.”  The typist cackled madly.  I nearly broke.  But that sort of deranged silliness bodes well for that, or any other, relationship on SL that’s not strictly business.  Humour will get us through.

I did not dance much at the reception, but I was led through two tangoes by two different avs, both of whom asked me to dance — that’s a current tie with my most frequent dance record in Caledon, which was two dances at the first USO show hosted by Lady Eva Bellambi, Duchess Loch Avie.

Continuing tonight will be my first foray into the Grand Tour of Nations, a magnificient event put together by Lady Fogwoman Gray to highlight the charms and community ties of various themed sims.  It started at 4am with a Roman Toga Party and is set to end tomorrow evening (unofficially) with the usual dance at Prop Spinners Pub in Caledon Steam SkyCity. Lady Gabrielle Riel, Duchess Carntaigh, already has details and highlights.

Truth be told, I am … fairly awful at themed balls.  Everyone else looks so nice with their updos and gorgeous gowns that manage not to do anything embarrassing and they trade partners with such ease and grace. Somehow, I always end up along the wall, either chattering inanely at triple-speed or I fade into the wainscotting.  But the Grand Tour is an AWFULLY GOOD CAUSE and it will be a chance to see both familiar and new environs … and so I shall go.  And if I am ignored for a half-hour and there’s no singles dance machine, I shall wear my own chimera and twitch for my own amusement.  If I feel bolder, I’ll start a dream-dance loop and twirl up in the sky while people exchange comments about my underwear.

Oh, and if I may push one particular dance, for mes dames, there will be a Ladies Who Like Ladies dance at the Burning Peacock in Caledon Wellsian, 3 pm SLT on Sunday.  While the theme is Ladies who like Ladies (no, one does not have to display their Xcite products to prove gender for admission at the door), the admiration may be Platonic or Sapphic in nature.  There will be music across various genres and the DJ hopes to avoid rank comparisons to the Lilith Fair *cough*.

In the meantime … let’s cut a rug.


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