RIP, October Country

The typist should be pouring over practice exams (and is … sorta), but the loss of the October Country sim cannot go unremarked by yours truly.  For those of you unfamiliar with the sim, it was … well … let me quote from the founder’s blog

The October Country Island has been called one of the most unique sims in Second Life. It’s the home ofThe Haunting Hour, a daily audio show of horror and thriller radio shows – everything from old-time radio to Lord of the Rings to Stephen King to H.P. Lovecraft, Star Wars and more.

Listening to the shows is absolutely free and simple too: Just visit the October Country Island and turn on your music player. The October Country has proven to be extremely popular, and it’s a great place to meet and chat with friends while you enjoy audio stories.

There is a cemetery with a bonfire to sit around while you listen, a haunted hotel, a graveyard, a Lovecraftian town, and other places to explore.

I will not recount here the whys and hows of its demise.  And it had been a long time since I’d visited – DePaul and Caledon and other themed sims had taken up a lot of my share of time and effort. However, October Country was my first home in SL. I spent enormous time there, listening to the radio shows there; my first ‘job’ in SL was as a late-night greeter at the campfire.  I met dear friends at the weekly dances, lived in the hotel for a while, haunted its library, considered becoming a barmaid at Innsmouth …

It was my first home.  I moved on and moved away, but I always remembered it fondly.  It was the place that demonstrated the appeal of Second Life to me … the community, the creativity, the play and the work merging together.  

Sadly, as I look through my folder of Second Life digital assets – there’s nothing there from October Country.  (However, Miss Emilly Orr does have pictures, as well as a very keen take on this.) If I look through my photo and textures folders in inventory in-world, I’m sure I can find something.  However, what really counts, I suppose, is the memories, the experiences, the chance to share stories and make impressions and have a good time.  And so while I feel guilty … for not doing enough for OC, for not sticking around, for not trying to make some sort of contribution … I’m also grateful.

There’s already a group who plans to continue the October Country experience … look for a group called October Undead (no, they cannot get enough jokes about being reanimated, knock yourselves out).

But for now … Requiescat in pace, October Country …