Av making toyz

The silly typist went and got a cold, so she’s quarantining herself before going to see Watchmen.  Me … I get to play!  And I’ve been dragged to quite a wonderful place.  Unknowable, Alien Isles — home of Madcow Cosmos‘s latest experiment – building your own alien av.

It’s rather simple, so much fun and just demented.  Such a NPIRL thing to do.

Prim-killer artist Spiral Walcher brought me there and I just STARED at the machine for a while.  Then I figured out which button to push and I went to town, during which time Madcow himself showed up.  After I exclaimed “ZOMG! So Cool! Come See!” in Caledon Chat, a couple of innocent souls came by.

Then … someone broke out the maracas.  The “manbo!” maracas.

It resulted in five very strange creatures dancing to the mambo loop … on and on and on.  Maybe you had to be there.  I will spare your ears and offer photographic proof, as taken by Spiral Walcher.


Little aliens, moved by Latin beats

Little aliens, moved by Latin beats

That’s Martien Pontecorvo, myself, Madcow, Spiral and Gryff Richard, respectively.  Too much fun.  I can’t promise more Manbo!, but it’s your own fault if you don’t like your new little alien body …


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