The XStreet clean-up

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and shame on me.  No real reason, just lost the impetus to blog.  Working on getting it back …

There are many, many blog posts out there regarding the new fees and commissions for XStreetSL.  Anyone stumbling across this is already in the loop, and I won’t try to repeat the many arguments I’ve read.  Let me just say that for me, someone still in the beginning stages of building, with no store or plans to open one, XStreet was my sole outlet for my items.  They sold, but not in high volume, and I am fine with that – but the proposed listing fees would make it a loss for me.  So, I’m withdrawing all my items — probably right after I finish this post.

I have been meaning to do one particular task: when RELIC/Baron Grayson closed up shop & sims on the grid, he said he would be transferring his inventory into XStreet and it would remain there until December 2009.  Either this did not happen, or the inventory has been pulled – I’ve just attempted searches for “RELIC” as well as a merchant search for “Baron Grayson” but I’m not finding any of his furniture.  His business partner, Sue Stonebender, is on XStreet with over 300 items, but none of the furniture I looked at was branded RELIC or had the specific look of RELIC furniture.

In the words of my typist, that bites the wax tadpole.

I’m not saying that I will boycott XStreet … I don’t know if that’s feasible in the long run.  But for now, I plan to do as much perusing and shopping in-world, while watching to see if the alternatives are successful and sustainable.


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