So. Much. DJing.

Somehow … through, well, circumstances, I’ll be DJing 8 hours this week. Or more!

Feel free to join me!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014:

The Blue Mermaid, Caledon on Sea

This week, we switch weeks! With a theme of songs about coffee, tea and sweets! From the 1920s to the 2010s, we cover the gamut of fun tunes about gentle stimulants.

Join us for Bollywood Dreams - a RFLinSL event

RFLinSL dance – Bollywood Dreams – Team Caledon and Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps

A Journey of Promise: Bollywood Dreams

Join us on Friday, May 9th, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm SLT for a joint RFLinSL event

Bollywood Dreams continues the journey across the Steamlands during the 2014 Relay Season, bringing together community, raising awareness and funds, and having a good time while we pledge our dollars and our support for cancer research, treatment and education.

Theme: Indian music! Traditional and new, acoustic and electronic, standalone and remixed
Dress: Feel free to come as you are, but if you wish to come in theme – saris, churidars, lenghas, dotis, panches and more are welcome!
DJ: Magda Kamenev
Host: Patty Poppy
Location: Poppy’s Place, Caledon Morgaine


Saturday, May 10th!

Join me at Drama Libre! It’s a weekly 4-hour party, with a different theme, a different set and rotating set of DJs!

This Saturday, from 7 – 11 pm SLT, join us in Ravenswood.

The theme: Spring Fever!

Feel free to come to one or all, in costume or as you are!

Your Mad DJ, Magda K


Viva Drama Libre!

On occasion, I leave the steampunk and Victorian themed sims and venture out into … well, maybe not quite the mainland, but other spaces.  And one of my favorites just celebrated its 2-year anniversary.  Congrats, guys!  Ya did done good.

Starting the Terrible Twos

Starting the Terrible Twos

Drama Libre is a dance club that has events twice a week … but with ever, ever shifting themes.  Every week, a new theme, a new build, new costumes, the works.  It’s the NPIRL aesthetic writ over and over.  The tunes are familiar – a combination of 80s, 90s and “aughts” music, mostly mainstream pop and rock.  The people are familiar, too.  DL draws a crowd of regulars who compete for best costume, make requests of the DJs and tease each other in and out of character with much cheezy humor [but in a PG fashion].  Good to its name, it is truly a place that’s largely free from drama …

The picture above (the best I have since my Photoshop skills are even less than rudimentary) was taken as DL was winding … it’s not unusual to have 30-40 avs, rocking out in synchronicity on the dance machine.  Lag can be an issue, but somehow, it never gets too bad and there are constant reminders to put away the AOs, bling, etc.  Saturdays 8 pm-1 am SLT, Thursdays 5-9 pm SLT.  Even if you aren’t that enamored of the silliness and commercial radio-friendly music, visit once during the week to see the builds.  All are good, some are extraordinary.  After a year of attending, I have to say that my absolute favorite so far has been DL’s version of the Louvre.  So astounding, I wanted to cry at the thought of all those gorgeous paintings and sculptures being recycled to free up prims for the next set.  It’s that good, and they do it on a weekly basis.

Machinima of the party by Sougent Harrop

Just wallow in the pretty, why don’t you?