Au revoir, not adieu …



The Blue Mermaid started over 5 years ago by an infamous, talented and well-regarded catgirl of Caledon. Her name is Hypatia Callisto. And I was honoured when Hypatia asked to DJ for her new club. It was a place where everyone was welcome, anyone could become a regular, all were treated as honoured guests and friends, whether they visited rarely, occasionally or weekly.

Hypatia’s RL became more involved, and Scripted Haiku took up the banner of ownership. I continued DJing because it was the natural thing to do and I still had more music to play and more genres to explore and more people to welcome.

Well, Scripted’s RL has become more involved, as well. And now Tehanu and Lucien Marenwolf-Brentano have become the proud owners of the Mermaid.

But the Blue Mermaid deserves new talent, fresh blood — not the same old catgirl DJ. So, I am stepping down in semi-retirement. I’m not quitting DJing completely, but it’s better to make space for new people, new ideas, new music.

However, I plan to go out with a little bang. So, you are hereby invited to send me off, as well as send off 2014! This Wednesday, December 31, 2014, from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am New Year’s Day, we’re holding a New Year’s Eve party. The theme is tango – come dressed to shine and dance the night away, if you wish. Or just stop by for a bit dressed in jeans or jammies or whatever (do wear something, the parcel is still M). Click here for a SLURL/taxi to the party.

Thank you for patronizing the Blue Mermaid and giving me your support. Have a wonderful 2015.

DJ Magda Kamenev

(PS – if you’re interested in knowing when an itinerant catgirl DJ is spinning tunes, let me know and I’ll invite you to my group.)


Victorian’s Secret @ the Blue Mermaid!

Good heavens, it’s been 18 months since I’ve posted!

I take up the blog “pen” for a combination of self-promotion and promoting a really good cause!

Victorian's Secret event at the Blue Mermaid

As part of this week’s SL Boobiethon celebrations, the Blue Mermaid in Caledon on Sea will be having a special Wednesday night party!

Victorian’s Secret …where musical and other inhibitions will be shed

It’s a night of sexy music — with both mature themes and explicit language — and an even sexier audience. In addition to the usual burlesque and cabaret wear, avs are encouraged to start or end the night in their most lovely (or even their briefest) lingerie/underwear/unmentionables.  And if someone wants to go semi-bare to encourage others to donate to the Boobiethon kiosk … all the better!

Some caveats: Remember, this is a fundraiser for breast cancer research. Be adult, be responsible, be ladies and gentlemen worthy of the moniker “steampunk”.  Most of all, be generous and convival!

When: Wednesday, October 5, 2011, starting at 7 pm SLT
Where: Second Life, Caledon on Sea, The Blue Mermaid

Hope to see you there!

DJ Magda K